Community Relations and Donations

Each year, Marcus Theatres donates a fixed percentage of our profits to charitable and civic causes. Marcus Theatres wants everyone to experience the enjoyment of a movie. That's why we are very active in giving back to the communities we serve.

All requests for contributions of any nature, including requests for pass donations, should be made via U.S. mail on your organization's letterhead. No e-mail requests will be considered. Forward all requests to the address below:

Donation Committee
Marcus Theatres Corporation
100 E. Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 2000
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202

Donation Criteria :

  • Typical pass contributions are limited to one request per year, per organization.
  • Organization's non-profit tax exempt number must be included on the written request.
  • Requests must be received eight (8) weeks prior to event to allow for adequate processing time.
  • Not all requests will be granted.










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