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Additional Training

Additional Employment History Inquiries

Criminal Conviction History

  1. Have you been convicted of any criminal offense other than a minor traffic violation? Please note: A conviction will not necessarily disqualify you from employment. (Candidates applying to or residing in the state of Minnesota should indicate "Not Applicable".)

    CALIFORNIA APPLICANTS ONLY: Applicant may omit any convictions for the possession of marijuana (except for convictions for the posession of marijuana on school grounds or possession of concentrated cannabis) that are more than two (2) years old, and any information concerning a referral to, and participation in, any pretrial or post trial diversion program.

    ILLINOIS AND MINNESOTA APPLICANTS ONLY: Applicant will be asked to provide criminal conviction history after being selected for an interview or after a conditional offer of employment has been made. Additionally, in ILLINOIS ONLY applicants may omit sealed or expunged convictions.

  2. Conviction Details:
  3. (Only those convictions or charges pending that are substantially related to the position for which you are applying will be considered in your application for employment.)

Employment Reference 1

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Personal Reference 1

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READ THIS INFORMATION BEFORE SIGNING YOUR JOB APPLICATION, I certify that the facts contained in this application for employment and any other material collected during the hiring process are true and complete and acknowledge that any omissions or false statements shall be grounds for rejection of my application or immediate termination if employed.

Applyling for a job authorizes the Company to contact any of your schools, your current and former employers as noted on your application, or other references for the purposes of verifying information and/or obtaining an account of your experience and skills. By signing below, you agree to hold any and all of your reference sources harmless and free of any liability for releasing such information. Please note that for some positions a more extensive background check is part of the employment making decision process and you will need to sign any necessary disclosure and release forms.

I acknowledge that the Company may require a substance abuse screening examination, and that any offer of employment is contingent upon my successful passing of any test or examination.

I understand and agree that, if hired, my employment is "at will" and is not for a definite period and may, regardless of circumstances, be terminated at any time without prior notice by the Company. I further acknowledge that no contract of employment will be valid against the company unless signed by the Chief Operating Officer of the Company.

I acknowledge that as a condition of my employment, I will be required to agree to be bound by the terms of and sign The Marcus Corporation's Mutual Agreement To Arbitrate Claims. Failure to sign this Agreement shall result in the revocation of my offer of employment.


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